Getting the most out of your money is an intelligent move on your part, especially if you’re searching for cheap WordPress hosting. Currently, there are hundreds (if not thousands) of hosting companies in the market. Each month, many new companies and resellers will pop up, and you will be hearing new hosting names that you have never heard of before. A WordPress hosting provider should have exquisite customer service, a guaranteed uptime, open for support 24/7, a dashboard with many tools, and special add-ons for your website. The most important of these add-ons is likely to be a simple WordPress install feature. This is the basic package of what a cheap hosting company can offer you. If you want to sweeten the deal, there are some hosting companies that will include free advertising credits, extra storage space, and a free domain.

Here is what to look for in a WordPress hosting provider:

Space: Check how may gigabytes (GB) of hosting and file transfer space you will get with the plan. A few companies will have unlimited space and if you have a large database of websites, this is ideal for you. Unlimited bandwidth removes any concerns you may have about exceeding your allotted limit, although most small business websites won’t require huge amounts of bandwidth.

Email: It is no doubt that you need a professional e-mail for your business. You can have an e-mail like “” or something similar. If you are running a blog or your own business, you will most likely be using this feature. The majority of hosting providers provide at least one free e-mail with their hosting plan. Some will offer up to 100 e-mail accounts while others will have unlimited e-mail accounts.

Freebies: Many web hosting companies will include freebies in their services such as credits for Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, Yahoo Ads, or Bing Ads. See if they have a special deal available. If your website is new, it could really benefit from the free advertising coupons. This advertising can be helpful in getting the word out that your new website exists.

Databases: You need a MySQL database to run site built on WordPress. You need one database for each website, unless you’re a technical wiz that knows how to put multiple sites in one database (this is not common.) So, if you’re only planning to build one WordPress site, make sure your new hosting company provides one in the package you choose. Some hosting package offer multiple MySQL databases or even unlimited. This can be useful if you are planning on building multiple websites.

Support: Always be sure that you will be getting the support you need. Go for hosting providers that have their support team working around the clock, on a 24/7 basis. This way you can call them whenever you have a problem or questions regarding your account. Some providers will have a live chat support and if you are not a phone person, you may like this option better.

These are some of the features most people consider essential in a cheap WordPress hosting package. Of course, you may have specific needs above and beyond these, or perhaps you don’t require everything listed here. Nontheless, this list should give you a great start for building a must-have list and finding the right web hosting solution for your situation.

Charlie Emeson is an internet writer with years of experience on the web. Charlie is one of the authors behind, a website that takes the work and frustration out of finding good quality cheap WordPress hosting.