The most critical aspect of your online presence is security. If your website is not secure, it is vulnerable any number of attacks – fraud, identity theft, or an entire admin hack. A secured website requires action from both your host and your end, so it is critical to understand your security ecosystem.

One of the first steps to understanding your security ecosystem is knowing what your responsibilities and limitations are as an account holder. If you are currently an account holder or user of a WordPress-hosted site, make sure you understand the following:

File Permissions

A secure, shared environment with suPHP will require 755 permission on directories and 644 on file, and nothing higher. Unless you’re in a single-user/dedicated-server situation 777 permissions should never be used. 777 permissions potentially leave your account open to reads/writes from other users on the server outside the PHP environment. This includes malicious users that may compromise other insecure accounts on the server.

Server Level Password Protection

Your password protection requires HTTP “Basic Authentication” in addition to the backend authentication mechanism provided by your CMS script. Follow secure practices when choosing account passwords for your server’s control panel, FTP, and SSH accounts. Use random characters, 10+ characters in length. Try to avoid storing FTP and control panel passwords in popular FTP applications and built-in passwords managers in most browsers.

Block HTTP Access to Potential Targets for Malicious Users

Move /tmp and other temporary directories written by your scripts above your account’s HTTP Document Root. Alternatively, block HTTP access to those directories via Apache directives (.htaccess) or equivalent. For WordPress, avoid manually configuring access control by using the “AskApache Password Protect” plugin.

Hardening WordPress

Stick with the official WordPress Hardening Guide, especially if your site is deployed on a non-suPHP server.

Find a Secure WordPress Hosting Company

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