Who Uses WordPress Web Hosting?
WordPress web hosting is used by individuals, organizations, and companies looking for a hassle free way to publish their blogs online.

Benefits and Features of WordPress Web Hosting:
WordPress is one of the leading blog software on the market today. This type of web hosting has features that allow you access to a colossal range of plug-ins. These plug-ins open more opportunities to add components and functions to your blogs. WordPress web hosting is easy to use and hassle free. It has tens of hundreds of plug-ins and filled with so many options. It also functions as a content management system for users who code.

Downfalls of WordPress Web Hosting:
WordPress Web Hosting is primarily for blog websites.

Who uses eCommerce Web Hosting?
eCommerce Web Hosting is a great option for smaller companies and businesses because it is generally very cost effective. The users of this type of hosting are virtually sharing the cost of any expensive physical equipment as well as Internet connection with other companies.

Benefits and features of eCommerce Web Hosting:
eCommerce is a billion dollar business that is constantly growing and expanding. It provides you will all the features necessary to operate an online store. The eCommerce hosting providers off you features such as SSL, shopping cart software, security, and database support. Most e-Commerce hosts will also manage all technical aspects of your website, including creating and maintaining the site. They provide you with server capabilities for accepting, processing, and confirming sales and much more.

Choosing an eCommerce Web Host:
Before deciding on a host, make a list of all the necessary features you want. Also, be sure to consider how much disk space and bandwidth you will need. Take a close look at security! Security is very important with an e-commerce website. Not only do you need to protect your customers’ personal and credit card information, but you also need to protect yourself and your business.

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