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The story of Adidas is a long and interesting one. Adolf and Rudolf Dassler became the best shoe makers in Germany, and then internationally during Nazism. The Adidas Logo is recognized world-wide and today we’ll find out how it was conceived. 


The Beginning

At a young age, both the brothers knew that they were destined to be shoemakers. After many years of practice, the time came for them to establish their own business. Thus, Dassler Brothers Shoe Factory was born. Together, the brothers accomplished many great things. However, all of that came to a halt in 1949 when the brothers parted ways. Adolf Dassler became the sole owner of the newly branded Adidas, and his brother, Rudolf Dassler, went on to create what we know now as Puma. Ironically, these two brands have been direct competitors ever since.

The First Logo: The Three Stripes

adidas logo

Throughout the history of the company, much has changed. Even though Adidas is a much different company than when it started, one thing has remained the same: it’s the brand with the three stripes. With every logo change, new campaign, and new product line, the company has tried their best to implement the three stripes. From the very first shoe until now in 2018, anyone can recognize a pair of Adidas when they see one. All thanks to a simple and iconic logo.

The Second Adidas Logo: The Trefoil

Adidas Logo


The second logo that came out of Adidas was designed after a leaf. With the three stripes still present, the idea was for this logo to represent growth. At this point in the company’s history, it had become a lot larger than it was before and there were now more than one branch. I think Adidas did a wonderful job representing their roots and at the same time symbolizing change. Even today, this logo is still used on many of Adidas’ classic designs.

The Third Logo: The Three Bars

Adidas Logo

Adidas’ latest and greatest logo is meant to symbolize power. The incline of the classic three stripes represents a mountain. It was created to inspire people to push themselves to the limit.

The reason the Adidas is so effective is because it’s simple and easy to place; combine that with the quality product they offer, and you have a hit.

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