The continuing expansion of the Internet to even the remote corners of the globe had made it mandatory for organizations, as well as individuals, to possess their own websites to reach out to people. The conventional brick-and-mortar stores are being replaced by online virtual stores at an increasing pace. Even on the Internet, the competition had become so acute that having an ordinary website is no longer enough to win clients.

Hence, you require powerful website hosting strategies to succeed in ecommerce. Techniques like search engine optimization (SEO), virtual private server hosting or VPS hosting, dedicated hosting, windows hosting, etc. are needed to beat the competition. AT ApolloHosting, we specialize in creating unmatched website hosting facilities for our clients by adopting novel techniques and using our long experience in the industry.

Website Hosting with a Difference

Any competent website hosting service should have the following features to provide you win-win solutions.

Creation of the website should not be a complicated process. With more than 700 templates to choose from, we have simplified website creation to work of a few minutes. However, we could also design distinctive custom-built websites for ecommerce businesses that are unique.

The website should be aesthetically pleasing and also functional. The site should hold the visitors interest and make them stay for a longer time in the site. This would increase the conversion rate exponentially.

The website hosting should ensure that the contents are optimized for the major search engines line Google, Yahoo, MSN, etc. This intricate gearing of the contents for SEO is an absolute must to enable the website get listed at the top of the search directories.

The website hosting should be affordable. The initial cost as well as the recurring maintenance and up gradation of the website should fit your business and budget.

The website hosting service should be able to assess the competition and implement strategies to counter them on a continuous basis. Everyday, the face of the World Wide Web is changing and constant review and modification is vital for success in ecommerce.

The support of the website hosting service after the website had been hosted should be on a 24×7 basis, instead of ad-hoc basis. This would ensure that the downtime of the site even due to extraordinary circumstances is kept to the minimum.

The tools to create and maintain the website should be state-of-the-art ones, like HTML, XML, Flash, ASP, SQL, ColdFusion, .NET, etc., so that the website creates the maximum appeal and diverts a high amount of traffic to the site.

Keeping all these important features in mind, we offer website hosting that could run on Linux or Windows at highly affordable rates. We also provide VPS hosting or VDS hosting with facilities for shared web hosting and dedicated hosting services. These options provide you the freedom of individual hosting at a lesser cost than a separate dedicated server. At the same time, we also have completely dedicated hosting for medium and large business houses and niche ecommerce business operators on Linux or Windows platforms, with Plesk 30 Domain License. We also have exclusive Windows hosting plans for specific applications that would operate only in Windows environment.

We cover the entire gamut of website hosting services to suit personal, ecommerce, general business, dedicated hosting and VPS hosting requirements. Talk to our experts and you would find out why we are different at ApolloHosting in website hosting.

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