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It’s important to have something outside of work for all of us, like a hobby or a side project. It keeps us sane; it keeps us creative. What you… The post 17 Designers with Fantastic Side Projects appeared first on Onextrapixel.

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Top 10 Photoshop Plugins for Web Designers in 2018

In 2018, Adobe Photoshop is still one of the top software choices for web designers. It’s an incredibly powerful and versatile tool in itself, however Photoshop plugins can further… The post Top 10 Photoshop Plugins for Web Designers in 2018 appeared first on Onextrapixel.

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The Fun History of the Windows Logo

As one of the leaders in the software world, Microsoft has definitely worked hard at putting Windows on the map. I’m sure that there are lots of people interested in the history of Microsoft’s tech, but here in this article we are going to discuss something a little more related to design. Over the […]

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Adobe Photoshop is a versatile and extremely useful piece of software. With it, you can edit, paint and enhance photos, create your own artwork, and even create attractive, eye-catching marketing materials for your business. The Complete Photoshop Mastery Bundle will take you from photoshop zero to professional hero. Learning Photoshop can enhance your career […]

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Latest wordpress web hosting News

Why Cloud Storage is the Future of Digital Design… and an Introduction to Our Favorite Cloud Storage and Sync Tools In some fields, changes happens slowly over time. Digital design is not one of those fields. Digital tools are constantly changing and evolving, which means if your team is going to remain competitive, […]

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Should You Sell Website Support or Maintenance Services?

By now, you’ve likely encountered and worked your way out one of the more common problems freelancers face. In moving your business model from one that bills by the hour to value-based pricing, you become a trusted resource for clients instead of one they call on to tackle nitpicky requests. As a result, […]

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TL/DR: When you use eight values specifying border-radius in CSS, you can create organic looking shapes. WOW. No time to read it all ? — we made a visual tool for you. Find it here. During this year’s Frontend Conference Zurich Rachel Andrew talked about Unlocking the Power of CSS Grid Layout. At the end […]

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Latest wordpress web hosting News

Back in the days, building a new website used to be quite a long and complicated process. You had to have a complete understanding of HTML and CSS. You also needed to up a lot of time and effort into designing every single page. Luckily, it is not the case anymore. If you are […]

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Fonts for Winter of 2018

Just as the seasons come and go, popular fonts do, too. That’s not to say that these fonts won’t ever be popular again, or that they won’t simply remain popular, but the right font says a lot about your project, depending on what season we’re in. I can already hear those sleigh bells ringing, […]

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Pay What You Want for the Project Management Mastery Bundle

Do you think it is time to move ahead in your career? Now may be the best time to take a leap to a leadership role. Becoming a project manager may be the next big step for you. In this case, the Project Management Mastery Bundle will help you on your career journey. Project […]

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