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You may ask: what is so special in WebGL? Why are coding artists so obsessed with it? The answer is simple. We are living in an era of non-static… The post 10 Outstanding Examples of Websites Using WebGL appeared first on Onextrapixel.

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7 Tips for a Productive Morning Routine as a Designer

Let’s face it, sleep is sweeter in the morning. When you work as an independent designer, you have to be your own project manager. It comes naturally to be less strict with ourselves than we would be as someone else’s manager. It can take up to hours to actually start working on a project […]

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DOMmy.js is a super-lightweight, standalone Javascript library, designed to work easily with the DOM and produce powerful CSS3 animations via JS. Full disclosure: I developed DOMmy.js. And in this tutorial I want to demonstrate how it can be used to keep your webpages nice and light. DOMmy.js has a very shallow learning curve; […]

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Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2018: Best Deals For Designers & Developers

With Black Friday and Cyber Monday nearly upon us, it’s time to open your wallets and start spending the money you’ve been saving up for this holiday season. Black… The post Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2018: Best Deals For Designers & Developers appeared first on Onextrapixel.

See […]

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Decades ago, authors who were interested in getting their books published wool have to talk to different publishers, send them their manuscript, and then hope that someone would appreciate their work. Today, however, you don’t need a publisher to get your books out there. In fact, authors now have the option to publish their […]

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How to Add Innovation to UI Design Patterns

Researchers have known for some time that human behavior happens in patterns. Rather than seek out new ways to interact with technology, humans default to the familiar. Evidence to support people’s love of patterns is abundant. The architect Alexander Christopher recognized, and wrote extensively about, design patterns as early as the 1960s. More […]

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Every week users submit a lot of interesting stuff on our sister site Webdesigner News, highlighting great content from around the web that can be of interest to web designers.  The best way to keep track of all the great stories and news being posted is simply to check out the Webdesigner News […]

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Many, if not most designers will at some point encounter this scenario: they’ve just completed a digital wire-frame for a new project, with a new client. They’ve thought long and hard about the placement of everything, and they’re ready for feedback. They figure it’ll be a short conversation, just enough time for the […]

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7 Web Design Tips for Traffic Monetization

So, you’ve got a website created to present your company or your talent. It is designed to impress your potential clients with your portfolio and bring you more new projects to generate revenue. However, do you know that you can start earning money right away with the site itself? If its run strategically, your website […]

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5 Principles of Cuteness in Web Design

Okay, how in the heck do you make something “cute”? Now maybe you’ve grown up in an environment where getting in touch with your feelings was anathema. Maybe you just naturally gravitated to Max Steel over Hello Kitty. Maybe you’ve never had a problem with any of this, and freely make high-pitched noises […]

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